Look at precisely what CEO’s have to say in Tweets


Bill Carmody asked 72 CEOs for their advice in 140 characters and, upon further analysis, discovered 10 categories of behaviors that were consistent against all the answers he got back.




Prevent Costly Marketing Mistakes – Strategies Revealed

If you run your own business, costly marketing mistakes have probably come your way. The best thing to do is assess what is happening, and do damage control to the best of your ability. You can avoid most of the damage, but this usually depends upon particulars which can change. Interestingly, there are many things you can do to decrease the likelihood of making these mistakes. You can only prepare so much and it’s best to avoid obsessing about what could happen. Instead of making more mistakes, look at what other people are doing. Learn from their mistakes before bad things start to happen. Your goal is to always be positive, moving forward, with success on your mind.

There are so many different techniques for doing business on the web and some people want to know the latest about all of them. As a result all of your hard work is diluted. This is why social media is so dangerous and you should watch out for it.

Every social media site has its own particular market. Find out which one applies to you and then focus on that site. As time goes on, you might find it feasible to utilize more than one. But build your presence and marketing at one site at a time, and your results will be better. Social media has become so popular that many businesses start using it without bothering to do enough preliminary research. While social media may seem quite new and radical, it is actually based on some traditional marketing principles. In all types of marketing, it’s essential to show people that you’re trustworthy. Most people are much more likely to do business with something they consider a friend or associate than someone who contacts them from out of the blue. For this reason, relationship marketing is fundamental to any type of business, whether online or offline. It’s easy to forget this and to get too caught up in trying to sell people something with social media.

You can really cause a lot of problems for your business if you procrastinate. You might experience this more when you are just starting your business. You have a million things to take care of and issues keep sprouting like new plants in springtime. You can’t hold off until tomorrow when it comes to your brand. This can be easy to do because of the vagueness and it is not something that has to be done right now. Remember that many things in marketing are about the impressions you create the very first time. You have to always find a way to work the brand. Some businesses start to lose perspective when they start experiencing success and begin to expand. Don’t fall into the trap of taking your customers for granted or becoming too impersonal. It’s when the extremes are visited and you lose balance that make you susceptible to expensive mistakes. No one is perfect, but we can learn from our mistakes and even from the mistakes of others. A successful business depends on many factors, and you need to be quite versatile to stay on top of everything.

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